Lisa Orban

Owner of Indies United Publishing House, LLC

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While publishing and marketing are changing all the time, there is one consistent, you have to sell yourself if you’re going to sell books. You have to be able to reach out to readers and convince them that they want to spend their free time and precious money on you, while competing with every other author in the world who is trying to do the same thing. In our sessions we’ll go over ways to rise above the swirl of information and stand out in a crowd.

Subject Discussions

  • Why cover art is important
  • Picking out the right author photo
  • Writing a compelling author biography
  • Writing a good teaser blurb to entice readers
  • Social Media and why it’s important
  • Networking


About the Author

Greetings my fellow writers, let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Lisa Orban, and in 2013 I sat down and started my first book, publishing two years later in October of 2015 as an Indie author. I have since written a total of four books, in three genres, and created four adult coloring books. All Indie published.

I will admit, when I began my adventure in publishing I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Nor did I realize the enormity of the learning curve when I sent my first book out into the world until the reality of the situation crashed down upon me, and I began my crash course in all things publishing. Even now, I continue to learn new things as the publishing world grows, changes and adapts to the ever changing landscape we all must navigate through.

In 2017, the disconnect between Indie authors and the rest of the publishing world started me thinking that a new kind of publishing house, that wasn’t vanity press only in it for whatever money the traffic would bear, nor a more traditional publishing house that would give you a contract if you fit their narrow definition of a profitable author, but takes away creative control of your books once submitted, was needed. And so, I started Indies United, a place where Indies are welcomed and encouraged in a community of like-minded authors.

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