Maxwell Ivey

Using podcast interviews to share our stories, reach new audiences, and build our platform.

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Will explain where people go wrong with podcast or radio interviews. Explain they should first focus on understanding, appreciating, and telling their own story. Then discuss how they should think of podcasting as a regular part of their marketing process that is fun and energizing. They should focus on connecting with the host and as a result with his audience through authentic storytelling. They want to remember the emotional value of having conversations with people that really get them. And they should have a process for staying in touch with hosts to foster a relationship that will deliver additional opportunities.

Key Points:

1: Why should you be doing interviews on podcasts, radio shows, and other online platforms?

2: overcoming nerves and what to do with a worst-case interview.

3: is your website ready for more traffic? Good enough versus perfection.

4: Your media kit page.

5: Your interview portfolio page.

6 your base pitch email.

7: do a little research.

8: Plenty of websites and lists to locate shows to pitch.

9: Finding shows on social media.

10: promoting your interview and showing gratitude.


More About Maxwell Ivey

Maxwell Ivey, known around the world as The Blind Blogger, is a failed carnival owner turned respected amusement equipment broker.

People were impressed with how he overcame the challenges of operating an online business and encouraged him to share more of what it’s like to be a blind entrepreneur.

He started a second website as the Blind Blogger a nickname people had been using for him on linked in. That lead to him publishing four books so far two of them award winners. He has also been included in several best-selling collaborations and mentioned in books by top authors like Adriana Gavazzoni and Alex Okoroji.

He has traveled the country solo and has sung and spoken in public. In fact since overcoming his fear of singing he has started including song in all his work including his podcast and public talks.

He has appeared on over 350 podcasts since his first interview in 2013, and he has booked friends and clients on over 1000 shows in total.

He is an expert on both sides of the mic having hosted his own podcast called What’s Your Excuse since 2016 and is currently helping other people with disabilities to launch their own podcasts through his WYE Network.

He believes that we have to put our work out there and give people the opportunity to find something they love. He also believes it’s easier to answer an awkward question than to make you guess.

If you have any questions for Max at all, please just ask.


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