The use of the metaverse is done with Virtual Reality goggles, most of us don’t have those, so for the purpose of this example, we will simply close our eyes and relax.

With your eyes closed visualize a pair of doors in front of you. You are about to walk into a virtual bookstore.

Open the doors and see a bookstore full of books, with a coffee shop in a corner that has people sitting in it, enjoying coffee as they are reading books. Could it be your book?

As you walk into the bookstore, you walk up to a stand alone monitor and computer keyboard. It detects that you are in front of it and ask you, “How can I help you?”

This is your opportunity to see if your book is in the store. You ask, “Show me (your book title). In seconds, your book pops up on the screen. The cover is on the left side of the screen, on the right side are options for you to select from:

The synopsis is showing for you to read with these options below it.

Purchase eBook

Purchase eBook with NFT

Purchase Audiobook

Purchase paper book and send to you with Free Shipping

You select purchase eBook with NFT. New images now appear. The cover of the book and an NFT that you had created for this book.

The NFT is available in a limited edition of 100. There is 49 left to purchase. The price is $24.95 and you press the green buy button next to the images.

The screen walks you through the steps to purchase the book, using your electronic cryptocurrency wallet. To download the two items an email is sent to your email address for you to download at home.

The Monitor now askes, “Is there something else I can help you with?”

You say, “Yes, show me thriller books.”

The screen shows you a thousand book covers to select from. Way too many for you to scan through so you ask, “Show me thrillers set in Austin, Texas.” The list narrows down to 100 titles.

Still too many for you to scan through. You then ask, “Show me Thrillers in Austin Texas written by Austin writers.” The list narrows down to 10 books. The images are now larger on the screen for you to view.

One by one you click on a book to learn more about the book. There are options for you to select from.

Buy the Book options

Read inside the book.

Bookmark the book

You choose read inside the book. The book opens up to a chapter the author selected for people to read. You are given the option to read each page by yourself, or to have it read to you. You choose to read the book page by page by swiping each page as if it was in your hands.

After reading the pages, you decided to bookmark the book for another time.

Now you just want to walk through the bookstore and see what it has to offer. You walk past the monitor and go down the long isle that houses Thrillers, Mysteries, Children’s Books, Non-Fiction, Historical and every other genre there is. Isle after isle of books. But you never seem to feel lost in the bookstore, it feels comfortable and easy to navigate.

During the walk you stop at one of the genre’s and click on the Monitor at the front of the isle and search book titles. You have found one or two of interest and bookmark them for another time.

You continue to walk through the bookstore towards the coffee shop and see a friend of yours sitting at a table. You walk over to them and say hi. A nice conversation continues as you sit down with them at a table.

These are just some of the many things that can happen in a metaverse store.

Now open your eyes as you realize that this new marketplace is where you should have your books listed and available. You work with NFT designers, or the bookstore to create NFTs for your book, knowing that when someone buys that NFT, you get paid, but also when they resale the NFT or eBook you get a percentage of the sale each and every time that NFT or eBook is resold.

This allows you to have unlimited income for the rest of your life for writing and creating that one eBook and NFT.

Join B 4 R books in helping them create that metaverse bookstore before the market is saturated with by others. Contact Alan and ask how you can be a part of this experience.


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