Each business has a story. No matter if the business is a Goliath like Wal-Mart, or a local business owned by a couple or family, the business has roots in an idea. For each business owner, the story of their journey can range from monetary needs or the passion for a unique project. Each story is different though the reasons may remain the same. No matter the tale, the background behind each and every business is what fuels each and brand.


#3 – Realizing a Need Photo Credit: B. Alan Bourgeois Photo Credit: B. Alan Bourgeois The non-profits and businesses below all came from realizing that I needed some help in an area that was ever-changing. When I researched the various avenues to find help, I realized there was nothing specific to what I needed. That created not only the need to fill in the gap, but also to help those, like myself, who were searching for help. I choose to create non-profits as I felt that would give us better opportunities to get financial help, but that did not prove to be the case. I have struggled for five years creating unique programs that has resulted in multiple layers of success for the people I work with. It was that key desire to help people that has pushed me forward through the tough times and to make it work. While over the years, I have seen my hard labor gain results for others, it is just recently that I began to see the results payoff for me.


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