This school does not help writers in becoming the best writer or writing the best book they can. Those steps are handled through various schools and writing organizations. ASB focuses on all aspects of the business of being an author, which starts with Pre-Publishing, Publishing of your book, then marketing it and building your sales.

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Step 1 – Prep.

Editing your manuscript

Select Release Date

Purchasing ISBN

• Do You Need a Copyright or ISNI or Both?

Cover Design ARC

Book Layout Print

Book Layout eBook

Audiobook Creation

Social Media




Step 2 – Pre-Launch

Cover Design Final Release

Getting Your Copyright?

Do You Need an ISNI?

Social Media

Limited Editions

NFT Design

Pre-Order Campaign – Special Pricing, giveaways, limited editions, Length of PO, etc.

Reviews – Press & Related Systems – NOT Amazon or Good Read Reviews

• Libraries & Bookstores – Book Sales Sheet

Radio, TV, and Podcast Interviews

American Booksellers Assoc.


Step 3 – Launch

• Release Date

Social Media



Step 4 – Follow Up

More marketing through social media, ads, book signings, etc.


Website Search