A Publishers Weekly review is the most prestigious review in publishing, and it's FREE to submit your book for consideration via BookLife. However, there is no guarantee of a review. PW's editors determine which books will be accepted.

A BookLife Review is guaranteed. It's three full paragraphs (about 300 words) and includes expert marketing insights designed to help your book reach the right readers. A BookLife Review costs $399.

Both reviews run in Publishers Weekly, and both reviews are written by PW reviewers.

You can submit your book to Publishers Weekly, BookLife Reviews, or both, using the online form. For more information, see "Which Review Is Right for My Book?" on their website.

Website: https://booklife.com/affiliates/pw-review-single?promo=AUMAGU

Coupon/Discount Available: Use the link above to get a $30 discount off the review service.


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