Payment for Tuscon Festival of Books

The Tucson Festival of Books started in March 2009 and has been going strong since then. On average, they have approximately 100,000 visitors to the two-day festival featuring over 400 authors.  This year's event is March 4 & 5, 2023.

We attended last year's event and had some good success with the attending authors and for book sales after the event.  This year, we will only be doing a book display, however, for authors in Arizona, you are welcome to volunteer at our booth on either day and use a special place where you can display your books for individual sales.  If this interests you, please contact us at 

Due to the cost of travel, booth fees, etc., the price per title is $75. If your book is part of the bookstore, we will be selling download cards to attendees for the eBook version so that we can generate sales for you and your book(s) on-site. Once we receive payment, you will receive additional information on where to send us your book and additional information.


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