Thank you for your interest in the annual Book Contest held by the Authors School of Business.  The books submitted to us are judged by a variety of librarians, which helps the author get noticed by library's, with the goal of ordering or placing a copy of your book in their library.  The cost for entry into the 2023 Contest is $75.00.

If you run into any issues with the form, please stop and email the information to us at  Thank you.

Please complete the form below before you make payment on the second page. Once done, the system will take you back to our website to confirm receipt of payment.  This form is designed to hide your entries to each line.  If you are not sure what you entered, you can always move your mouse to that link and click on it, the words will appear.  We did this to help protect your information.

NOTE: Once you have paid your entry fee, simply email us your ePub version of the book (or a pdf version) along with the book cover to Once received, we will confirm both payment and receipt of the title you entered.

The book is judged on the following 7 items with a maximum score of 70 points possible (1 - 10 points per item):

1. Characterization: Does the author create believable, memorable characters with the uniqueness, complexity, and individuality of real people? Do you respond to the characters either positively or negatively? Does the main character respond to and influence events? Does the dialogue contribute to rich, vivid, unique characterization?

2. Plot: Has the author constructed a clear, convincing, and compelling storyline with a recognizable arc of conflict, crisis, and resolution? Are obstacles to be overcome sufficiently challenging to the protagonists? Do you feel tension mounting in the story? Is the resolution innovative, credible, and authentic?

3. Theme: Does the story contain a central or dominating theme? Does the author make this idea concrete through the characters and their actions? How well is the message integrated into the story? Is the story an agenda-driven platform?

4. Setting and Atmosphere: Are historical and geographic details sufficiently and accurately developed to give the story realistic or appropriate atmosphere and setting? Can you visualize the places being described? Does the story contain anachronisms?

5. Mechanics: Are there errors present in spelling, grammar, paragraphing, and punctuation? Are words used incorrectly? Do typographical errors mar your enjoyment of the story?

6. Writing Quality: Does the quality of the author’s prose and deftness in handling point-of-view enhance the story? Do specific details appeal to your senses and hold your attention? Does the author use precise, active verbs? Does the rhythm of the prose enhance the meaning? Are metaphors and similes skillfully employed?

7. Passion: Does this story engage your emotions? Have you come to care deeply about the characters and what happens to them? Is your mind and spirit stimulated and enlightened by the experience of reading this story?


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