If you know a writer or an author in your circle of friends and family and you want to support them and help them to succeed, a gift subscription is a great and economical gift that helps them to grow stronger.  This gift subscription can be given any time of the year, for any special occasion.

We offer three subscriptions, and each one has three levels of gift subscriptions you can select from. Below are the options available for purchase, each option has an upgrade option to help the writer save money and increase their options of services.

You can click on the subscription level to see more details of what each level offers.

Once you purchase one of the options, we will send you a gift card that includes information about the gift you purchased for the receiver. The Gift Card is a standard, non-holiday, non-religious card suitable for any person.


1 – Month $12.95

3 – Months $38.85

6 – Months $ $77.70



1 - Month $24.95

3 - Months $74.85

6 - Months $149.70



1 - Months $34.95

3 - Months $104.85

6 – Months $209.70

We use PayPal for our secure checkout.  Use your mouse to scroll over the levels to select the one you would like to purchase.  A CC or Debit Card can be used at time of checkout if you wish not to use a PayPal account.

Gift Subscription Levels
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