Johnny Cat – Where to begin with this world explorer, iconoclast and first rate musician? Being from Texas, he is a naturally gifted teller of tall tales. A stint in the US Navy sent him to exotic locales seeking adventure. He has performed as drummer and vocalist for several Texas bands, appearing throughout the country. A lover of the finer things in life, be it wine, literature, or gorgeous women, Johnny Cat has had adventures only other men dream about. His is not a quiet life. He currently lives somewhere in Texas with four cats and the woman he recently secured the freedom of from Caribbean pirates.

“Don’t dwell in the well - live the top shelf life!”


"What an unexpected accomplishment for a first time author. He has managed to weave twin narrations with a deft charm, never losing his grip on high adventure." - Patricia Noack, editor, Woodford Reserve Publishing

"Tightly written with a dark humor not often found these days, and characters that live on after you've long finished the novel." - Jason Edward, Brugal House Press

"A must read escapade with more twists than a Chubby Checker record, more unexpected romance than a late night disco at closing time, more sensuality than a twelve fingered Philippine massage artist." - Stephanie Fiskaan, editor and publisher of "HOOT!" - a Magazine of the Arts

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