My latest book, "The Strength of a Thousand Sons: More Stories from My Texas Family" is now available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover, and ebook.

Much like the first-person perspective of generations of my Texas family, this edition follows the adventures of the paternal side of my ancestry, beginning with Penn Edwards in 1842.

The very first chapter is a bombshell. The only reason you would stop reading is to catch your breath.



"Award-winning author, Melvin E Edwards, has a new memoir, The Strength of a Thousand Sons. This series of stories about his Texas family is a compliment to his previous memoir, The Eyes of Texans. Edwards has the honor of being one of the first Black members of the Sons of the Republic of Texas. As a newspaper reporter and genealogist, he has documented his family’s history and little-known Black history in Texas.

"Readers will enjoy this memoir and a look into a segment of little-known Texas history. Although genealogy study is fascinating, the reader must be aware that it can “also open old wounds.” The Strength of a Thousand Sons is a testament to knowing your roots, resilience, the importance of family, hard work, and the power of owning your truth."




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