Magic. Dragons. Gods.

Plots in Space.

Strange cultures and foreign languages.

These and more have been my weapons against the threat of boredom for as long as I can remember. Whether in books, television, or just in the running fantasies of my mind, I’ve wielded them as fiercely as any sword master would wield a blade.

It wasn’t until I was thirteen, though, that I realized the fantasies in my head could be shared with others. Then, the worlds and characters began to fill the pages as thoroughly as they had filled my head.

Science fiction, horror, and romance are among the many genres I’ve written, but my true love has always been fantasy. Whether in the flight of a dragon, the discovery of new magic, or the non-gendered perspective of an ancient tree, the breadth, depth, and wonderment of fantasy encourage my mind to leap and bound from world to world.

May the stories I share fill your own minds with such worlds and dreams.




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