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Stand Up - Sell Books


The purpose of this class would be to teach Authors how to step out of their comfort zones and get comfortable as a speaker and sell more books when they hear you speak about your book(s). Sharing a story from your book giving them backgrounds about yourself, such as the awards and other books you have written helps the reader relate to the author. Relationships sell books, being in the public eye is even better.




Speaking in public comes easy for me, but there was a day when I too was afraid to stand in front of a group of people and speak. Every chance you get to sell your book on your feet is an opportunity to step out of that comfort zone. The more you speak the easier it gets. Will do an exercise of introductions. Think of one phrase that describes you as a writer.

Create the Elevator talk:

Everyone has a different idea of what is a good opening line or one-liner when you tell someone about you book{s). We will brainstorm with a few of the participants.


Knowing your audience; is it a large room (mike’s), is it a small room. Are they Lion Club members, Rotary Club members, Chamber of Commerce, Book club members, etc. The stance is important, connecting to your audience. Ask questions to get the audience to engage.


Telling everyone what you told them in a summation. Having a STRONG sentence or two to leave them asking for more. I will give an example.


About the Author:

Charlotte Canion is a multi-faceted modern woman who combines the most useful ideas from her experience to help others. She has been the owner of several businesses and as a creative writer has published articles all over the world. Recently, Charlotte won the prestigious title of “One of the TOP 50 Author You Should Be Reading”. The media who have interviewed Charlotte call her a pleasure to work with and everyone who hears her speak are blessed by her message. Charlotte is also a Texas Superstar Specialist and Texas Master Gardener. Her next book is on gardening.

I will create a PowerPoint presentation with key elements to elevate the audience to a new awareness of the public’s perception of what you write thus creating interest in reading, thus buying your book(s).


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