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Author Book Trailers: Gourmet Video on a Top Ramen Budget - Beginners


The latest research suggests that video is now 89% of the consumer traffic on the internet. Book trailers are a great way for authors to gain instant attention and get visitors to look further and stay longer on your website and social media platform. We’ll look at what works, what fails, and how to make the most of video as one more component in your marketing toolbox.



A must-have: should every author employ video at some level of their marketing?

The good, the bad, and the boring: examples of videos created by authors to show common practices that cause most book trailers to fail.

Treat it like an agent query: We’ll discuss the basic elements of marketing that should be in every book trailer to provide a greater impact and make them more successful.

We’ll explain why not every author video has to be about the book and how that can help engage readers and improve sales.

Beyond YouTube: the best channels for drawing attention to the book video, and tricks to lead the audience from video to sales.


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Larry Brill spent most of his adult life as a TV news anchor and reporter. His first two, well-received novels skewered the broadcast business with settings in different centuries. In his spare time away from fiction, he has a day job producing marketing videos for small businesses and, occasionally, authors.




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