Dr. Natalie Forest

Success Revolutions: Your Purpose - Your Book – Your Brand



In this experiential, participatory workshop Dr. Natalie will take on the adventure of understanding the Hidden Power of Patterns of your success as it relates to marketing, building relationships, and using a book for what it is meant to be used. We begin with identifying the purpose of your book (your mission) to see how your current or planned book/s relate to that purpose. Does the purpose and the book highlight your brand? Can it highlight your brand? How do you use your writing to create YOUR brand and move towards successful marketing with this approach?



Join Dr. Natalie to explore your options and your path to a successful author brand that can translate into further opportunities for YOUR life, YOUR business, YOUR way. Having worked on a number of collaborative books as an author, own books as self-published and published through a press, as well as now working with experts who wish to or write books Dr. Natalie brings important insights into understanding the purpose of a book and thereby how to market and use such book.

Dr. Natalie will lead you to create specific action steps that you can implement immediately so you can take YOUR next step.

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Player - Success Revolutions: Your Purpose - Your Book – Your Brand

Player - Success Revolutions Your Purpose Your Book