Charles Breakfield & Rox Burkey


Blockchain and Security


This session discusses the relevancy of Blockchain, Algorithms, and Security as it applies to authors and their intellectual property.



In the creative arts, including graphical designs, music, and writing the Internet allows for easy transport of the intellectual property (IP) of the creator. Publishing your ebook with digital rights management or even a copyright does not stop cyber crooks from stealing the material and cutting you out of profits. One of the technologies which is playing a bigger role in our industry is blockchain and the associated algorithms. This session will peel back the onion of thow and where these technologies are and can be applied..


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Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey are technologists professionals who work with customers around the world to optimize their technology investments and digital transformations. Leveraging this expertise they co-author as Breakfield and Burkey with theirTechnoThriller series and various short stories across multiple genres. They have won multiple awards with Texas Authors, CIPA Evvy, InD'Tale, and Dan Poynter awards for their novels, book trailers, and audible with their series narrator Derek Shoales. Burkey loves hosting author interviews for the Indie Beacon Show, a part of the Authors Marketing Guild, LLC program.


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