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Learn everything you need to know to get your book reviewed! 



You may have chosen the self-publishing route to dodge all the gatekeeping and waiting periods associated with sending manuscripts to editors and agents—only to run into the same feeling when sending books to reviewers!

Amazon and Goodreads reviews are nice when they happen, but if you want your book considered by film and TV agents or stocked in bookstores and libraries, you need high-quality, professional reviews from trade publications like Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Kirkus. How do you break into the big leagues as an indie author?

Pursuing trade book reviews can feel like dropping copies of your book into a black hole, but don’t panic. I’ll tell you exactly how to own the book review process every step of the way.



Bring all your questions about trade book reviews to this Q&A session, and I’ll explain why magazines want an advance copy of your book months before it’s published, how to polish your pitch letter, how to handle negative reviews and rejections when it’s worth paying for a review and much more.

The publishing industry changes slowly, and book reviewing is no exception. You’ll leave this session with a complete understanding of how to navigate systems that were designed with traditionally published authors in mind and get your indie title in front of the reviewers who can make a huge difference to your book’s success.

I’m the director of Publishers Weekly’s BookLife Reviews program, and I’ve been a book reviewer and book review editor for nearly 20 years, handling both traditionally published and self-published books. I’ve also seen the review process from the other side as the co-editor of a crowdfunded anthology. I can’t wait to guide you through the challenging, sometimes frustrating, often unexpectedly exhilarating process of getting your book reviewed.

More about Rosie Rose Fox (they/them) is the director of BookLife Reviews, a paid review service provided by Publishers Weekly. PW has been the publishing industry’s leading source of news and book reviews for over 100 years. Before launching BookLife Reviews, Rose was a senior reviews editor for PW, specializing in coverage of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and romance. They are also the co-editor of Long Hidden: Speculative Stories from the Margins of History (2014), which remains one of the most funded fiction anthologies in Kickstarter history.

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