Kathy Meis

How to Make Social Media and Effective Marketing Channel for You and Your Books 



Many new authors wonder if social media is a waste of time—and for many, it is. Why? Because they don't know how to use social media to achieve their goals. But seasoned authors understand social media's power to build brand awareness, grow their email list, and ultimately drive book sales. The key to social success is making social media an effective marketing channel. In this session, Bublish Founder Kathy Meis will show you how to do just that! You'll learn:

  • How to choose the best social sites to achieve your goals
  • How to set up an effective social profile
  • How to set up a social content calendar that builds your brand and sells books
  • The best way to make beautiful social posts
  • How to "connect the dots" for social visitors to get them to take action

Kathy will also answer your questions about email list building.


More about Kathy

Kathy Meis is the founder of Bublish, the world's first complete publishing platform with built-in marketing. She is an entrepreneur, writer, and editor with more than twenty-five years of experience in the media and publishing industries. She has worked for such iconic editorial brands as CBS and Forbes. Kathy served as a founding partner of PubSmart, an author-centric publishing conference held in Charleston, South Carolina. As a frequent blogger and speaker on a wide variety of topics, Kathy has become a sought-after expert on the topic of independent publishing and disruption in the publishing industry. She has spoken at Book Expo America, Women in Media, GrubSteet, PubSmart, AuthorYOU, and IndieRecon, among others.


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