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Are You Getting the Most out of Your Authors Marketing Certification?



You are part of a limited number of authors that have been Certified in Authors Marketing. Are you using your AME Certification to the best possible use? In this session you will learn how to maximize your Certification



Value of the Authors Marketing Certification.

No organization in the world certifies authors in learning about marketing books. 9 out of 10 Traditional Publishers will give a contract to an AMC holder vs an author with the AMC By displaying your AMC logo on your website, it shows your commitment to marketing your book and being an Authorpenuer.

Bookstores are beginning to recognize the value of the AMC as that means the author knows how to promote events and is committed to promotion of book signings and other engagements.

You are listed on the Authors Marketing Campus website showing the year you earned it, and if you maintain your certification which gives you more internet exposur


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Rox Burkey provides workshops and speeches on Customer Experience optimization. She is an active member of Texas Authors and at events you can see her talking to people and sharing some of the benefits of Texas Authors. She is one of the hostesses of DEAR Texas and passionate about people networking and collaborating.


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