CBS news called Aralyn Hughes the QUEEN OF WEIRD. Why? Art cars, Weird houses, and a Vietnamese pet pig in the backyard.

She sold real estate in Austin for 40 years then became a performance artist……10 original one woman shows performed not only in Austin, but San Miguel, Winnepig, and NYC.

She colors her hair, she wears colorful clothes, and the people who know her will tell you she has no problem with self-expression.

She published an anthology, Kid Me Not, a book of stories from women of the ‘60s, now in their 60s who’ve chosen not to have children. At the advent of the birth control pills in 1963, she was part of the first generation of women to have a real choice about being a mother.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, and Love? wrote the foreword of the book and both Korea and China have purchased publishing rights. After winning a Texas Author’s 2015 Book Award, she was surprised and honored the Austin History Museum featured our book during Women’s History Month. The curators felt the anthology spoke to the history of the 1960s.

Aralyn is more than a writer. She’s a storyteller. Every time she tells a story, the tale is different for her and the audience. There’s no editing involved, only raw vulnerability. She has gained a passionate following with her podcasts and Vlogs, ranging in topics from perfectionism to holding space.

Bill Geist from CBS Morning News came to Austin to check out the weird with Aralyn. Later, a full-length feature documentary entitled Love in the Sixties, was produced based on her life journey.

You can learn more about Aralyn at her website,

If you can spell her name, A-R-A-L-Y-N, you can spend hours on the internet with her intriguing journey. 



Click here to purchase Kid Me Not: an anthology by child-free women of the '60s now in their 60s

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